Safoora Chowrangi incident: Sketches of 2 more suspects released

Dunya News

The central character of the attack is inspired by ISIS, In-charge CTD told the press

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The Counter Terrorism Department has issued sketches of two more suspects involved in Safoora Chowrangi massacre that left dozens killed, Dunya News reported.

The Safoora Chowrangi tragedy was planned two months prior to its execution and ten terrorists carried it out, the authorities investigating it have learnt.

Addressing a news conference, In-charge Counter Terrorism Department Raja Umar Khattab said that attack was planned two months before its execution and that the suspects met at seven different places and chased the bus to fully know its route five times.

Khattab told the press that the central character of the attack is Tahir Saeen who worked with Al-Qaeda’s Arab network and was funded by Ramzi Yousaf’s brother ‘Haji Sahib’.

The In-charge told that Saeen was inspired by ISIS and wanted to carry out major attacks in Pakistan to attract ISIS commanders.

He said the suspect Saad Aziz who also killed human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud participated in her seminars twice and then murdered her at the end of one such program.

Umar Khattab said that photographs and sketches of terrorists involved in Safoora attack and cop killings have also been released.

The in-charge CTD said that the arrested suspects were planning to target personalities belonging to the media and showbiz.