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Altaf Hussain resigns from MQM leadership, takes it back, again

Dunya News

MQM chief was angry with his Rabita Committee, workers convinced him to withdraw his resignations

KARACHI: (Dunya News) – Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has on Friday resigned from the headship of MQM and withdrawn his resignation, again. Altaf said that he was angry with the Rabita Committee. However, workers of the party have convinced MQM chief to withdraw his resignation, reported Dunya News.

Altaf Hussain has repeatedly resigned in the past from his post and has withdrawn his resignation upon the request of the workers for an equal number of times. On Friday again, while addressing the workers in Jinnah Ground, Altaf Hussain resigned from the headship of the party, saying that he was unhappy with the Rabita Committee.

Resignation from the party leadership and returning to Karachi from London have been two decisions since 1991 that Altaf Hussain has repeatedly made and withdrawn upon workers  requests.

In a TV interview on 29th of January this year, Altaf Hussain announced that he would address MQM for the final time on the following day and he will have nothing to do with the MQM after that. Last year, Altaf Hussain talked of resigning and handing over the responsibilities to rabita committee at least thrice. Once he announced that on September 4 and later in December, 2014 on Martyrs Day.

In June 2013, when Scotland Yard searched Altaf Hussain s residence in London, he had announced that it was impossible for him to continue leading the party while staying in London.

On Decemeber 17, 2012, Altaf Hussain demanded his workers  opinion on his resignation when he was given a contempt notice by Supreme Court of Pakistan. However, workers s pressure did not let him resign.

Similarly, Altaf Hussain had announced to voluntarily resign from party leadership in August 2011 while inviting the army to take over the country. He had offered at the time that he was ready to resign from MQM headship if that could help improve the matters.

In April 2008, Altaf Hussain got annoyed with the party workers for massive target-killing in Karachi. He had resigned and handed over the matters to Rabita Committee.

Earlier, in January 2007, MQM leader had declared the style of MQM leaders  governance as  feudal  and had said that he could not carry the burden of party leadership under such conditions.

MQM chief had also annoucned to leave the party leadership in 1992 during Karachi operation.