Petition filed to ensure orders of Mir Shakeel's detention

Dunya News

Pakistan's law does not permit case submission through power of attorney, adds petition.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – A petition was submitted in the Supreme Court (SC) against Editor-in-Chief of Jang and Geo Media Group Mir Shakeel ur Rahman on Friday to ensure his detention as per court directives.

Petitioner, Mahmood Akhter Naqvi stated that Mir Shakeel filed an appeal against court’s verdict at Gilgit Baltistan Chief Court through power of attorney which has no constitutionality. Downright implementation of the orders was therefore requested.

A case cannot be submitted in any court through power of attorney as Pakistan’s law does not permit it, petition stated.

It was maintained in the petition to get Mir Shakeel ur Rehman back to the country through Interpol.

ATC Gilgit-Balistan sentenced Mir Shakeel and others accused to 26 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1.3 million but he mustered help and absconded.