Matt Dillon takes lead in Armored

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Actor Matt Dillon plays an armored truck driver gone bad who helps to mastermind a multi-million dollar heist in the new action thriller Armored. The film tells the story of six men who make their living handling the risky business of transporting millions of dollars in cash for banks. Financial pressures lead them to hatch an elaborate plan to steal 42 million (USD) dollars, and make it look like they were robbed. But the clean getaway the men expect backfires, and the plan quickly unravels due to a set of unforeseen circumstances. Dillon talked about why he was drawn to playing the part of Chief Officer Michael Cochrane.I liked the fact that although this is an action movie, certainly the most action I've ever done in a film, said the 45-year-old actor. It's also this really strong character development. And I like that. The script was solid. I thought in a funny way it spoke to the times that we're in. These guys are all hard-working guys, and they're tempted by this money. Dillon began acting in the late 1970s and rose to popularity in the 1980s with such films as The Outsiders, The Flamingo Kid, and Drugstore Cowboy. In 2005, he earned a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination for his role in Crash. Crash won three Oscars that year, including for the coveted Best Picture. Actor Lawrence Fishburne said he was interested in taking the role of Baines because it was a change of pace for him. I haven't played this kind of guy before. I haven't done a heist picture before, explained Fishburne, 48. It's an ensemble. And our director was just fantastic. So I put myself in his hands. We all have a chemistry that's very clear once you start watching the movie.Fishburne is a film, television and stage actor, as well as playwright, director and producer. He started acting at the age of 12. But he may be best known for his roles as the character Morpheus in the Matrix science fiction film trilogy. In 1994, Fishburne was nominated for a Best Actor in a Leading Role Academy Award for his portrayal of Tina Turner's abusive husband, Ike, in the drama What's Love Got To Do With It?Actor Columbus Short, 27, is an award-winning choreographer, actor and singer. In the film Short plays Ty Hackett, an Iraqi war veteran who returns home from active duty after the death of his parents to a stack of unpaid medical bills, a delinquent mortgage, and a 14-year-old brother who is close to failing out of school. So, Ty signs on a guard at Eagle Security Shield, the same armored truck service where his father worked for many years. But soon after his probationary period is completed, Ty finds himself facing a major moral dilemma: Join the other men in the heist and get a cut of the money, or deal with the likelihood that he will lose his house to a bank foreclosure and watch his younger brother be taken from him and placed in foster care. Short, who is the newest actor in the ensemble cast, talked about the process of bringing his character and the screenplay to life. I did a lot of physical preparation. And it was more about getting ready to just-- I've been prepared to on the screen with greats, I feel like. It was more about getting in front of these warm bodies. Having these guys with me. And once we started to play, the preparation was every day. It was crazy.The movie also stars Jean Reno, Amaury Nolaasco, Fred Ward, Skeet Ulrich, and Milo Ventimiglia. It was directed by Nimrod Antal. Armored was released across North America on Friday (December 4.)