Nadir Ali in hot waters for asking religious questions to model Sunita Marshall

Nadir Ali in hot waters for asking religious questions to model Sunita Marshall


Sunita Marshall is a Christian married to a Muslim and both had Nikah and Church ceremony while gett

KARACHI (Web Desk) - YouTuber Nadir Ali is facing severe criticism on social media for asking very personal and sensitive questions to model Sunita Marshall in his podcast interview.

YouTuber put the actress and model in very uncomfortable position by asking her religion choices ignoring the fact that it is a sensitive topic to discuss. Sunita Marshall is a Christian married to a Muslim Hassan Ahmed who is also an actor.

During the interview, he asked the model whether she will convert to Islam or not. Sunita Marshall replied that she doesn’t have any such plan.

The host didn’t stop here as he said that ‘Allah aapko Hidayat Day’… (May Almighty show you the right path).

The social media users and celebrities came in the support of Sunita as they said that one should not ask guests about faith and religious choices on a show as this matter is not only personal but extremely sensitive as well.

However, Sunita handled the situation calmly and responded to Ali's questions gracefully.

The social media users said that the host created controversy through his show by asking ridiculous questions. They further said that Ali (host) is the one who needs ‘hidayat’ and ‘wisdom’.

Actor Nadia Afghan, taking to Instagram, grilled Ali as she termed his questioning as disgraceful. She went on to say that ‘There is a village of idiots and the population is flourishing’.

Model Mathira also came to support Sunita as she wrote, “What the hell is wrong with this person and his question! This is so wrong. Shame on the host!”

In the podcast, Sunita had said that she doesn’t have any pressure from her husband and in-laws for changing her faith. She added that if a person wants to change his or her religion then they should do it by heart, otherwise, it will be useless.

Sunita also talked about her family and the faith her kids are following. “We had taken the decision before our marriage that our kids will follow Islam because I am living with my in-laws and they can teach the kids better as their father, grandparents are Muslims,” she said.

She added that it is a cultural thing as well because the kids take their father’s name. According to Sunita, their kids recite Quran, offer prayers and fast in Ramadan.

Talking about her marriage, Sunita said that they followed both Islam and Christianity while tying the knot. “We first had a Nikah and then we also had a ceremony at a church jointly attended by both the families,” Sunita said.