Film censor board clears Shaan’s "Zarrar" for release on Nov 25

Film censor board clears Shaan’s


Film censor board clears Shaan’s "Zarrar" for release on Nov 25

LAHORE (Web Desk) – The Central Film Censor Board on Monday approved Lollywood’s biggest action thriller and suspense film "Zarrar" for release.

According to the details, this action-packed thriller is being directed by Shaan Shahid himself. The star-studded cast included – Nayyar Ejaz, Shafqat Cheema, Adnan Butt, Kiran Malik and Nadeem Baig. After the approval of the Central Censor Board, the Punjab Censor Board also approved it.

The film which was made using cutting-edge technology and international standards – will be released worldwide on November 25.

Humayun Saeed gives his take on Shaan’s upcoming movie

Few days back, Pakistan’s most popular film and TV star Humayun Saeed satirically responded to actor Shaan Shahid’s comments on the former’s movies.

Taking to Twitter, Humayun while replying to a tweet regarding Shaan’s comments, wrote, "Idhar bhi jaonga aur udhar bhi jaonga... Aur zarrar dekhne bhi jaonga... Zarrar releasing on 25th November! All the best Shaan bhai."

The trailer for the upcoming action thriller was dropped two years ago and by the looks of it, the film - like any other spy thriller – had a grand conspiracy as its core theme. The opening sequence of the trailer showed foreign powers conspiring against Pakistan. It shows the country being attacked from all fronts.

On one hand, religious fundamentalists are planning to launch an attack within and on the other, it is implied that the West and India are collaborating on a massive propaganda campaign against it too. The sequence ends with a shot of Nayyer Ejaz saying, "cheers to the dark future of Pakistan."

From there on, we are taken to a quick action sequence wherein the titular character Zarrar, played by Shaan, manages to swiftly subdue a group of terrorists all alone. In a background voice, he introduces himself as an agent of a special unit in the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) that works towards eliminating threats preemptively.

The antagonists intend on taking hold of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. "Zarrar" and his unit seem to be the last line of defense against this. Aside from the hard-hitting action, the film also happens to include a love story that involves Shaan and Kiran Malik’s characters. Shaan, a Lollywood veteran, had previously revealed that "Zarrar" is based on true events.