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PGC organizes anti-narcotics awareness seminar

Dunya News

Punjab Group of Colleges on Monday organised a seminar to create awareness against narcotics.


LAHORE: The students of Punjab Group of Colleges organized a seminar to sensitise people against the curse of narcotics.

At the occasion the students presented a stage play titled “Dekh Tamasha” to highlight the disastrous effects of narcotics on human life and society. The students impressed the participants with their excellent performances.

The students also conveyed the anti-narcotics message through different sketches and pictorial images.

They urged the Pakistani youth to play their due role in rooting out the curse of narcotics.

The students underscored that future of Pakistan could be secured only when the youth would differentiate between the right and wrong and become a role-model for others.

The participants of the seminar said that such functions not only create awareness among the youth but also guide them towards the right path.