Indian man punched to death by wife for not taking her to Dubai

Indian man punched to death by wife for not taking her to Dubai


The woman wanted her husband to take her to Dubai to celebrate her birthday

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(Web Desk) - An Indian wife allegedly killed her husband with a fatal punch after he refused to take her to Dubai for her birthday.

The incident happened at their home in the Wanwadi area of Pune.

The victim was identified as 36-year-old Nikhil Khanna, a real estate developer.

His wife Renuka Khanna has been arrested and booked under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

It is reported that Renuka wanted her husband to take her to Dubai to celebrate her birthday.

“As per the primary investigation, it has been revealed that the couple had a fight because Nikhil did not take Renuka to Dubai to celebrate her birthday and did not give her expensive gifts on her birthday and anniversary.

“Renuka was also upset with Nikhil for not giving a favourable response to her wish to go to Delhi to celebrate the birthdays of some relatives.”

The complaint was filed by the victim’s father Dr Pushpraj Khanna.

He explained that Nikhil and Renuka had been married since 2017.

Dr Khanna said in the complaint: “It was a love marriage but the quarrels started soon after the marriage.

“We used to counsel them but Renuka’s behaviour did not change.

“She used to fight with the domestic workers as well which had made it difficult for us to retain any house help.

“They marked their wedding anniversary on November 5 but she was unhappy as Nikhil did not give her a gift to her liking.

She had assaulted him at that time as well. We had managed to pacify them.”

The Indian wife’s frustrations erupted when Nikhil did not arrange her flight tickets for her to go to Delhi.

She berated her husband over the matter whilst expressing her unhappiness that he did not take her to Dubai for her birthday.

As things escalated, Renuka punched Nikhil, fracturing his nose.
The punch caused heavy bleeding and Nikhil collapsed, struggling to breathe.

Dr Khanna’s complaint continued: “I rushed home and when I was parking, I received another call from Renuka where she told me, ‘It’s very urgent, Papa. Come quickly!

“When I entered the room, I saw that my son was lying on the floor naked and blood was coming out from his nose and mouth.”

Dr Khanna removed blood from his son’s mouth and tried to give CPR. When there was no response, he took Nikhil to the hospital where he was declared dead.

Officers stated that the punch was so hard that it also cracked some of Nikhil’s teeth.

Senior Police Inspector Sanjay Patange said it is believed that the blood blocked Nikhil’s airways, preventing him from being able to breathe.

A post-mortem will reveal whether this was the case.
He added: “We could not obtain Renuka’s version of the events as she is not in a mental state to talk.

Presently she is in the lock up and we will try to talk to her today.”