Father kills two adolescents in Jocababad

Father kills two adolescents in Jocababad


A father has killed two sons in Sindh

 JACOBABAD (Web Desk) – A mentally challenged person killed his two sons for unknown reason in rural Sindh. The disturbing incident was reported in remote area of Dadpur Jagir within Jacobabad district.

A filicide has killed his two sons, the elder one named Jan Khan was 9 years old. Whereas, the other child, Khan Gul was 7 years old. The gruesome murder of innocent children sent a shock-wave to the whole area. 

According to the police, the suspect Keshu Jakhrani is mentally challenged, however, the police, upon arrival, arrested the suspects red-handed. The dead-bodies of the expired children were shifted to the hospital.

The police, without giving any further detail, said that, investigations are under-way and rigorous steps will be taken to hold the suspect accountable, according to the law.