11 drug peddlers arrested in Rawalpindi

 11 drug peddlers arrested in Rawalpindi


11 drug peddlers arrested in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) - Rawalpindi police in an action against suspected drug peddlers and bootleggers on Thursday arrested 11 accused, besides recovering over seven kilogrammes of charas, twenty litres of liquor, and three bottles of liquor from their possession.

A police spokesperson said that city police held Rafique for having 660 grams charas while R.A.Bazar police rounded up Usman for possessing 1240 grams charras.

Airport police recovered 2400 grammes of charras from the possession of Shafique while Gujar Khan police held Intikhab Alam with 1860 grams charas.

Other accused were sent behind bars for having drugs and liquor.

The spokesperson said that separate cases have been registered against all suspects while further investigations are underway.

Divisional Superintendents of Police directed the police officers to accelerate ongoing operations against drug peddlers, bootleggers, and other lawbreakers, he added.