Multan: 22 transformers stolen, MEPCO faces meter shortage

MULTAN (Dunya News) - According to reports, incidents of transformer theft have increased considerably in the city with the connivance of Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), which, instead of taking action, has so far been silenced by the department authorities.

As per data collected, twenty two transformers were stolen in the last one week from Makhdoom Rasheed, a suburb of Multan, complaints for which have also been registered, but the transformer theft is still continuing.

On this matter, Provincial Minister said that the transformer prices have surged which has given rise to the theft.

Therefore, the process of making transformers without copper will start soon which will substantially solve the theft issue.

According to police, the department started following a policy of registering only one case of 3 incidents due to increase in theft of transformers.

Moreover, citizens have also demanded a strict action from the government against the criminals.

Provincial Minister Dr Akhtar Malik told that MEPCO is facing a shortage of meters due to lack of new purchases for the last six months, which has eventually raised theft.