CCW arrests gang involved in immoral video blackmailing case

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) Islamabad on Monday arrested a gang involved in immoral video blackmailing case.

CCW, recognizing the case as of Usman Mirza, stated that the gang was involved in raping and making immoral videos of two girls who were blackmailed to give money.

CCW went on to mention that two personnel of Punjab police were also arrested in the blackmailing case.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) led a probe into an application filed by a girl. During the investigation, raids at various localities of Rawalpindi were carried out and accused were arrested.

According to details shared by one of the victim girls, the accused Subhan used to send her immoral videos from different numbers. The accused called to invite and meet her whereas he picked the girl and dropped her at his friend, Adnan’s residence.

The girl told the sources that the accessed and his friend raped her. Moreover, the suspect also called another friend who arrived at the residence half an hour later.

As per the sources shared by FIA CCW, friends of the accused were adorned in Punjab Police uniforms. The accused blackmailed the girls to pay him Rs5 hundred thousand otherwise the videos would be shared with the parents of both the girls.

The investigation teams pointed out that both the suspects had worn Punjab Police uniform. One of the accused naming Rizwan is head-constable of Chaunter Police Station. Both of them raped the girls and demanded Rs50, 000.

In addition the accused naming Imtiaz Ahmad had provided them house to carry out the immoral activities. It is pertinent to state here that further investigations are being led on pictures shared by girls.