Another girl trapped into fake job offer, gang raped

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Another girl trapped into fake job offer, gang raped

LAHORE (Dunya news) - Upon receiving a fake job offer through a text message an 18 years old girl was kidnapped and raped by a gang near Gojra M4, Motorway.

The girl who belongs to Toba Tek Singh was, reportedly, physically abused by the gang after being kidnapped. The victim’s age is said to be 18 and her name is identified as Iram ul Nisa.

The accused including two men named Hamad, Rehman and a girl Laiba forced Irum into a car and drove her all the way towards Faisalabad, M4 motorway.

Hamad and Rehman raped Irum in the moving car, and threw the victim out of the car after having committed the heinous crime.

According to the police, the victim has gone through a required medical process and her DNA report is being obtained.

The culprits are on the run, however, police are further investigating the matter and FIR has been registered against the accused.