Karachi: Three terrorists of MQM London arrested in CTD operation

KARACHI (Dunya News) - Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), in a major operation near Landhi Railway Station, has exposed the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)-London’s terrorism network in Sindh and arrested three of its terrorists.

According to CTD, three terrorists from Hyderabad and Karachi have been arrested. A Kalashnikov, 9mm pistol, 30 bore pistols, a grenade and ammunition rounds were recovered from the suspects.

According to CTD, one of the arrested, Naeem Ahmed, is a senior worker of MQM-London Hyderabad and joint in-charge of Sindh Organizing Committee. He had formed a six-member group on the orders of his leadership to assassinate any opponents and carry out acts of terrorism. The group included personnel with military training from Indian intelligence agency RAW.

Naeem has been arrested on charges of terrorism, robbery, arson, bomb blasts and murder of police personnel. Another arrested member, Imran, has been former secretary in charge of MQM-London Hyderabad and UC chairman while the third accused, Aleemuddin, is trained by RAW and is a worker of APMSO Karachi.

Aleemuddin has already been to jail for martyring policemen and in other cases. The terrorists have confessed to forming a group on instructions from South Africa and bringing arms, ammunition and hand grenades to Karachi. Some MQM-London leaders are likely to be questioned.