182 women were subjected to a gang rape in 2019 in Punjab.

LAHORE (Dunya News) – 2019 has witnessed thousand of crime cases which included murders, rapes, kidnappings, robberies and other heinous acts. Punjab – one of the provinces in Pakistan – has also remained in the grip of criminals this year. However, Punjab police claimed that everything is perfectly okay despite the increased crime ratio.

Let’s take a look at the number of crimes reported in 2019:

The year started with a series of accidents and did not stop till the end. Women were victimized with violence. Some were robbed of their valuable possessions like vehicles. 3594 people were killed in the province while 9795 homicides were attempted.

Thousands of civilians were injured in 13030 incidents related to fights and feuds. A large number of 13300 adults and minors were abducted, out of which 76 were taken for ransom.

The daughter of the nation was against subjected to oppression as 3420 women were raped while 182 were subjected to a gang rape. Despite the increasing crime on a daily basis, the situation in the province responsible for the establishment of law and order was not declared worse.

Meanwhile, 15202 crimes pertaining to theft and robbery were reported. Burglary, pillaging, plundering, housebreaking, and other incidents rose in 2019. Millions of goods were looted from citizens. Not only these, around 22200 vehicles were also reported missing, while thieves also took around 6000 animals including cows, buffaloes and goats.

Despite all of this, police officials refused the reports regarding rise in crime rate, and stated that it all seems so because many offences get registered without any interruption. Notwithstanding the promises of the government, the vows failed to protect the citizens.