Arshad survived despite injuries after treatment in hospital while police arrested the suspect

LAHORE (Dunya News) – A 19 year old boy was set on fire on Saturday over the allegations of stealing mobile phone within the vicinity of Nawab Town area.

Arshad and Jahangir had a quarrel on the matter of mobile phone theft. The matter escalated and Jahangir set ablaze Arshad after pouring petrol on him.

The victim suffered burn injuries and was quickly admitted to the Jinnah Hospital by area residents. Jahangir had escaped from the site to avoid any trouble.

Police DIG Doctor Haider Ashraf took notice of the tragic incident after media reports. The main suspect Jahangir was arrested as special instructions were given to Nawab Town police station to arrest those involved within 24 hours. The relevant SP and SHO had directed their subordinates to quickly apprehend the suspect.

According to sources within police, the victim’s face and arm has received injuries. He is out of danger now and discharged from the hospital, they added.