DealCart V CityMall: You can play for Pakistan and keep the flag high

DealCart V CityMall: You can play for Pakistan and keep the flag high


Apps of Pakistan and Indian afford cricket lovers an opportunity to play online match

  • Anyone in Pakistan and Indian can play the match by downloading apps from June 5 to 9
  • It's more than a game and reflection of an abiding passion for cricket in the subcontinent
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LAHORE (Dunya News) - Cricket lovers are anxiously waiting for the T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and India in New York on Sunday. 

There is a good news for them. They can play a match before the actual match as platforms have been provided in both countries to organise an online match between the people of the two Asian giants - Pakistan and India. 

Yes you can participate in the online match while staying in the comfort of your home. People hailing from any district or city of Pakistan and India can participate in the match. The higher the score, the more chances of winning the competition.  

The match has been arranged for people of both countries by Pakistan's DealCart, an online app, and India's CityMall app.   


The online joining process is quite simple. All you need is an Android phone and you can download DealCart App from PlayStore while Indian citizens can join by downloading the CityMall App. Each player's score will be counted and the cumulative score will determine the winner. 

So, hurry up and pad yourself up for the innings. 

The online match facility will be available for people from June 5 to 9


After downloading the app, you can join the online game. Just click on the app and you will find yourself in the cricket ground where you will enjoy the game as well as the match. The higher the score will be, the more chances that you will emerge victorious.  


Remember it's not just a game but an opportunity to prove your love and support for the national team. Cricket, after all, is an abiding passion of millions of people in the subcontinent who take it as more than a game. The Pakistan-India match is considered the ultimate thrilling experience a cricket lover can have.