The head coach said he believes touring England last year under coronavirus lockdown restrictions

DERBY (Dunya News) – Pakistan men’s national cricket team head coach is looking forward to see spectators at the ground as their presence always motivates the players in the field.

“We came here last year too, but when there are spectators at the ground, the atmosphere becomes different altogether and I can feel that,” said while addressing a press conference in Derby

He said he was not sure whether they can go out or meet friends here but we are being in the quarantine for the last seven days which were tough days but we will start practice tomorrow.

“As a head coach, I would prefer to be in the lockdown, as it keep us together as a team, no matter we are in a team room, meal room or at the ground,” he said.

The head coach said he believes touring England last year under coronavirus lockdown restrictions helped turn his squad into "a family".

“England is always an important tour for us especially with the T20 World Cup just a few months away. We know England is a force in white-ball format so it is a big opportunity for us to play against them.”

Misbah is hopeful that seven-day practice in Derby will be very helpful for the players to regain their form. “We must understand that form is not permanent so we will try to utilise this isolation time to bring back their (players) form.

He said: “We are looking forward to a competitive cricket against the host nation. The good thing is that our bench strength is strong enough to counter any team in any conditions.”

Unlike last year, where Pakistan s matches were played behind closed doors, their upcoming fixtures are set to take place in front of spectators, with the aim of 50 percent capacity as part of the UK Government s events research programme.

"Overall, when there are spectators and atmosphere in the ground it is better. From the mental side, I think players will be a bit more relaxed," he said.

"I can feel that the situation is a bit more normal than last time. The grounds were totally empty then, we couldn t go outside our hotels, just into the ground and hotel rooms. In that regard, this time will be better."