Wahab hopes to represent Pakistan in upcoming T20 WC

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Wahab also took a dig at the selection policy, pointing out several improvements that could be made

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Pakistan’s pacer Wahab Riaz is hoping to represent Pakistan in the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup and striving hard to achieve that goal.

“We are always striving to be in the Pakistan team. That is why we are always performing and working hard. If the Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches happen then I will try to utilise my form and fitness to the complete extent.

My wish is to play the World Cup. I also want to win the whole tournament. But it depends on the team management and selectors. “We will work hard and be ready for it but we will have to see what decision is finally made,” he said.

Wahab also took a dig at the selection policy, pointing out several improvements that could be made in order to lead to better performances from players in the country.

The 35-year-old claimed that it was the norm in Pakistan to judge players based on just one or two performances. “You cannot completely blame the management. There are some mistakes that we as players have made as far as performances are concerned. But I think something that should be changed is that a player should not be judged based on just one or two matches. “Not only with us but with anyone.

It has been the norm in Pakistan that any player selected is judged based on one or two performances. I think the previous performances and hard work of the player should be kept in mind. Everyone has good and bad days.

A player can give better performances if they are supported in both good and bad times. I think this is something that definitely needs to improve. Hopefully it will be better with time,” Wahab said.

The pacer believed that communication was key and players needed to know what the future holds for them. “Communication is very important. Players always have this question of why they were excluded. If an explanation is given and is based on reality then a player has to take them and work harder.

It shouldn’t just be because of some excuses. It makes a lot of difference. I even think if a player is not part of the teams plan for a longer period than he should be told. The player can then work hard on improving his game without any diversions. I think a clear message and picture should be sent to players which can result in better performances,” he said.

Wahab said he was satisfied with his performances, and also backed the role of senior players in the side, along with youngsters. “Everyone has their own opinions. I think a team wins because of collective performances. If you look at my career, I have not achieved many things I could have. My career is not just based on one or two spells.

I could have bowled even more but again in Pakistan a player is judged and discarded based on just one or two matches. I have given match winning performances at different stages and I am very satisfied overall,” he said.

“We have a trend of calling for youngsters. They should definitely be there. But we should also see if they have the experience, performances or skills to back them up which is very important. I think senior players should be in the world cup because that is a totally different pressure,” he said.