Dunk thanked the Lahore Qalandars fans for sticking by the team through thick and thin

LAHORE (Dunya News) - Ben Dunk, Lahore’s hard hitting batsman who played an instrumental role in the team’s late recovery in PSL 5 has addressed his decision to stay in Pakistan for the remainder of the tournament, amid growing coronavirus fears around the world.

Talking to the media in Lahore, Ben Dunk said that as things stand now, he is at ease in staying in Pakistan.

“We have been really well updated by PSL. As an individual, it is my decision whether I want to go home or stay. At this stage, I am very comfortable with where things are at,” said Dunk. “We are getting daily updates. Things are playing out behind the scenes and if they stay at the current rate as they are, I am certainly comfortable to stay and play.”

“Obviously, depending on what happens at home with regards to borders, we will have to reassess but right now I am really comfortable,” he added.

He also took this opportunity to thank the Lahore Qalandars’ fans for sticking by the team through thick and thin and expressed that he wants to repay their faith in the remaining matches of the PSL.

“I have had a really good time with this team and we have been looked after really well, so I would like to repay the faith and get some wins to get us through the finals,” he said. “The support that we have got at our home ground has been amazing. The people of Lahore have really showed patience with us. It has been nice to repay their faith and get some wins on the board, but we still have a big job to do, so I am really excited for the week to come.’’

So far, more than a dozen foreign players and coaching staff members from five franchises have decided to abandon the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 5 and fly out of Pakistan. However, all foreign players and staff members of Lahore Qalandars have opted to stay in Pakistan for the time being.