Supply of Pakistani mangoes to UAE satisfactory despite lower growth

Supply of Pakistani mangoes to UAE satisfactory despite lower growth


Prices are slightly higher

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(Web Desk) - The much-awaited Pakistani mangoes have arrived with the first consignments reaching the UAE last week.

Wholesalers and retailers said the supply of the fruit was satisfactory despite its lower production in the South Asian country largely due to the impact of climate change.

Prices are, however, slightly higher owing to inflation in Pakistan and increased freight charges.

“The Pakistani mango season has officially begun with the government of Pakistan allowing exports from May 20, 2024.

The initial vessel that arrived on May 23 brought in around 192 containers of Sindhri variety, approximately 4,600 tonnes, which is a substantial amount,” Mustafa Altaf, managing director of Altaf Hussain Trading Co., said.

Pakistani mangoes are loved by people all over the world for their unique taste. The Sindhri and Chanusa varieties are particularly known for their high pulp content, sweet fragrance and taste.

Prices of mangoes this year are slightly higher due to inflation in Pakistan and rising freight charges, which have increased from Rs280 to Rs320. “Freight rates may go up by two to 5 per cent further in the coming months,” said Yaseen.

Suppliers are charging slightly higher prices, Mustafa Altaf said, adding a box of Sindhri mangoes weighing 6kg is currently being sold for Dh28-30 in the wholesale market.”


The managing director of Altaf Hussain Trading Co. said it was unfortunate to hear that global climate change has affected the mango yield in Pakistan.

“This means that the quantity of mangoes could be less than what was expected or achieved in previous years.

However, the mangoes are still being exported in good numbers to the UAE despite the challenges. I hope the Pakistani mango farmers and exporters are able to navigate this challenge and continue to provide high-quality mangoes this season."


Altaf said the exports to the UAE in the initial two weeks are usually quite high as exporters aim to send shipments as early as possible to cash in on the increased demand for the king of fruits in the beginning of the mango season.

“Later, exporters target other markets and then supply slows down in this market.”

Altaf assured that the mangoes are of good quality as there have been no unseasonal rains in Pakistan this year.

Gulraiz Yaseen, managing director of the Pakistan Supermarket chain in UAE, too, said the mangoes that have arrived from Pakistan are of high quality and will only get better in the months ahead.

“Climate change has been impacting production for a few years now. It is not at the same level as it used to be five years ago. Pakistan tries to export mangoes and in fact some of the varieties may not be available in that country because they are exported to the Middle East, Europe and the US,” added Yaseen.