Woman laid off by LinkedIn now earning double salary at Google

Woman laid off by LinkedIn now earning double salary at Google


The individual initially found the news of the layoffs shocking and disorienting

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(Web Desk) - A woman who faced unexpected layoffs from LinkedIn in May 2023 has not only rebounded but thrived in her career, now earning double the salary at Google.

The individual, who had considered LinkedIn her dream job, initially found the news of the layoffs shocking and disorienting.

Having successfully landed a position at LinkedIn in July 2022 after facing rejection from several other roles at the company, the woman had built up a positive image of the tech giant as the ultimate workplace.

However, the sudden layoffs shattered this perception, leaving her feeling as though a part of her identity had been abruptly taken away.

Reflecting on her time at LinkedIn, she acknowledged living in a bubble, where her daily routine, social circle, and even her partner's employment were intertwined with the company.

The experience prompted her to question her self-worth tied to her job and the true meaning of success.

She believed that LinkedIn's layoffs might have been avoidable had the company made more judicious hiring choices and better prepared for economic uncertainties following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The impact of layoffs extended beyond the individual, affecting the overall culture of the company.

Many of her colleagues, both at LinkedIn and Google, decided to leave their jobs in the ensuing months due to a pervasive low mood within the organizations.

Offering advice to those facing similar situations, the woman encouraged them to view layoffs as opportunities for personal and professional growth.

She highlighted that her own trajectory post-layoff involved significant career advancement, nearly doubling her salary, and finding a workplace better suited to her at Google's Dublin office.

Her journey also included a period of travel, which ultimately led to securing a position at Google.

The woman's story serves as a testament to resilience and the potential for positive outcomes even in the face of unexpected career setbacks.

As she continues to thrive in her new role, she emphasizes the importance of not letting one's self-worth be solely defined by their job and avoiding excessive attachment to a specific company.

Besides, companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have just recently fired thousands of employees to save some costs.