Sugar price goes up in Sindh, Punjab

Dunya News

Price of the essential commodity has gone up Rs9 in Sindh

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Price of sugar has been jacked up in various parts of the country including Sindh and Punjab.

The ex-mill price of the essential commodity has gone up Rs9 in Sindh after which its price has soared to Rs136 per kg now.

In Lahore, the price of sugar currently stands at Rs135/kg as the  price of the commodity has increased by Rs5 per kg in the open market.

Sugar crisis is around the corner as industry experts blame delay in crushing season for gap in supply and demand and hike in price of the commodity.

Sugar price has gone up by Rs36 in one month to Rs136 while retailors are not willing to sell it below Rs145.

On the other hand in Lahore, artificial shortage of sugar has been created and is being sold in the black market for Rs132  per kg while 50kg bag’s price has increased to 6600 from 6200 in the metropolis.

Experts say that delay in decisions by Centre and provinces is to be blamed for the crisis and people are paying the price of this.

Earlier, the Sindh Cabinet decided to fix the minimum support price for sugarcane at Rs250 per 40 kilograms.