She said tourism was being promoted to show moderate and enlightened face of Pakistan to the world.

(APP) – Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Saturday that the government has decided to “not sell national assets but offer public-private partnership to foreign investors.”

Talking to a group of senior columnists at the Governor’s House, she said the government would preserve national assets and generate revenue through public-private partnership, adding that potential investors would invest, pay and earn as per the international practices.

“International practices will be followed in the bidding process for the public-private partnership to the investors”, she assured, adding the government was in the process of inviting international bidders.

The SAPM said under the two-pronged policy, tourism would be promoted for revenue generation, besides offering national assets for public-private partnership.

She said the previous regimes had badly failed to promote the soft image of the country, only one face of the country smeared with terrorism was depicted by the international media in the past.

She said tourism was being promoted to show moderate and enlightened face of Pakistan to the world.

 Economy moving in right direction 

Earlier, Dr Awan said the economic policies under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan were being appreciated at the international level.

She said the global community was witnessing an enlightened, moderate and progressive image of Pakistan.

The PM’s different initiatives, including ease of doing business, projects of industrialisation and several others were getting popularity, she added.

She said the inclination of international investors, marketing companies and brands had increased towards Pakistan, adding different business groups of world consider the country as future economic hub and emerging economy.

The special assistant to the PM said arrival of an international brand to the country has not only fetched foreign investment but has created job opportunities.

She said the state’s economy was moving in right direction and positive results were reaching to the people.