Smashed avocado toast for £8.50

DUNYA NEWS (web desk) – Man who bought an avocado toast for £8.50 in central London got disappointed. The toast was quiet expensive but not good at all according to the dissatisfied diner.

As the diner felt his money went down the drain, he shared a picture of his expensive London lunch “smashed avocado on toast"  and soon it got viral on the internet. Some people said it looked more like mushy peas.

In conversation with Reddit, the diner shared a picture of his lunch, with the caption "I paid £8.50 for  smashed avocado on toast  in central London".

Many People left hilarious comments on the picture, users criticized the meal saying that the price was very expensive for what the diner got.

Others said they could barely recognise the food, as in the image the avocado is quite literally smashed all over the toast, which appears to be un-buttered, and the whole thing looks like a bit of a mess.

One of the user wrote: "Legit thought this was chip shop mushy peas on toast and now I m getting all sorts of meal ideas."

Anoher said: "Can I ask why you paid £8.50 for avocado on toast, please?"