Farogh Naseem said that FATF needs to apply laws to all countries without any prejudice.

ISTANBUL (Dunya News) - Federal Minister of Law and Justice Farogh Naseem has said that Pakistan is a test case for the fairness of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as the country has met almost all the requirements to exit the grey list.

In an interview with the Turkish news agency on the sidelines of an event in Istanbul, Farogh Naseem said that the international watchdog needs to apply laws to all countries without any prejudice.

Naseem said Pakistan has done “everything” to get off FATF’s grey list. “Out of I think 27 points, we have reached the 26th score,” he said.

“Even the FATF people are good people. I m not being critical against them…But as long as these (FATF) standards are universally applied, and not applied to only Pakistan, and as long as there is no international politics, then we welcome FATF. Let it be applied to everyone,” he said, questioning why Pakistan was still on the list.

“There should be no international politics, but FATF is being used to arm twist. Then what can we say?”

Naseem proposed the establishment of a joint legal forum between Pakistan and Turkey besides intern exchange programs and the sharing of experiences between lawyer communities of the two countries.

He said Pakistani and Turkish lawyers are “capable of fighting their own cases at all forums.”