Indian claims of downing Pakistan's F-16 fall flat on its face

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No F-16 found missing from Pakistans arsenal

(Web Desk) – Ever since the Balakot incident, ‘Magnificent India’ has come up with one fabricated story of false bravado after another.

In hind sight one can only decipher, what was more damaging to the Modi regime’s hegemonic designs carved by the ‘Hindutva doctrine.’

Was it the lame attempts of India at showing off its aerial dominance; through trespassing Pakistani territory only to de-root a few trees, especially in an election year when all eyes are on the poll results and the anti-Pakistan rhetoric was to play significant role in its last attempt at sweeping in the general elections?

Or was it engaging Pakistan in an aerial dogfight resulting only into a humiliating downing of its jets and capture of the IAF pilot Abhinandan by Pakistan.

Nevertheless, the Indian media’s drum beating, creating war hysteria to up the nationalist agenda proved quite futile, when no one from the international community backed up the Indian claims.

More sorry state of affairs surfaced when one proof after another put a stamp on India’s fictitious claims aimed at misleading the naive masses.

The recent blow to the Indian superiority bubble came today when a leading magazine published a piece, on ‘No F-16 found missing from Pakistan’s arsenal,’ again disapproving Indian heroic and miraculous claims of shoot down of F-16 by a MIG-21.

The Indians still dumbfounded by the latest revelations, are asking questions to their government of what really went down that day, though some are still sticking to their own claims of downing an F-16 coming up with more fabricated lies.

Social media was filled with questions and criticism on both sides of borders with F-16 the top trend on Twitter in India.

Pakistanis were overjoyed as it was another feat in their favor, feeling proud of their armed forces capability and superiority.

Let’s ponder on the days happenings on Twitter; the social media battle field of the internet warriors.

Some irked Indian’s called the whole charade as Modi’s wonderland.


Some call for a public apology and investigation.



Some calling it an international conspiracy.


While Pakistanis mockingly asked if India will allow an SU-30 count?


Celebrating Paksitanis tweeted.


Saadia Ali