ECP in collaboration with NADRA provides SMS service for public to facilitate the eligible voters.

ISLAMABAD (APP):Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) so far has registered 105,955,407 voters including 59,224,262 male and 46,731,145 female for upcoming general elections scheduled to be held on July 25.

According to the ECP’s official data, there are as many as 4,299,494 registered voters in Balochistan including 2,486,230 male and 1,813,264 female.

In Punjab the number of voters is 60,672,868 including, 33,679,992 male and 26,992,876 female.

While, in Sindh total voters are 22,391,244 including 12,436,844 male and 22,391,244 male.

After the merger of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, total voters in the area are 17,826,453 including 10,213,733 male and 7612,720 female.

Whereas, in federal capital total voter are 765,348 including 407,463 male and 357,885 female.

The ECP in collaboration with NADRA provides SMS service for the public to facilitate the eligible voters to check their registration status.

Public can get the information by entering CNIC number and sending the text message to the number 8300. An automated response will be received in this regard with the name of electoral area, block code and serial number.