Police arrest more than 100 protesting students of Quaid-e-Azam University

Dunya News

The teaching process could not be completely restored in the university even after 19 days.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Police on Monday arrested more than 100 protesting students of Islamabad’s Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) as they tried to shutdown the academic activities and carry out strike.

The teaching process could not be completely restored in the university even after 19 days. The protesters forcefully closed different departments and did not allow the university to run buses to pick up students and faculty.

Heavy contingent of police personnel were deployed in the morning to tackle any unrest. Police initially detained 41 protesters but the toll mounted with time as more protesting students made way into the university premises.

As the situation has worsened, additional contingent of Frontier Corps and police have been summoned whereas police alert water canon has been positioned outside the university.

Several students have also been injured in clash with the police.

University magistrate Abdul Hadi says that student councils have fallen into a row as six of them held talks with Baloch Council in the night but it did not agree on the terms.

Police and administration have tried to save the semester of students and not to let it go waste.

On October 4, QAU students went on a strike demanding that all the students who were expelled due to their involvement in a fight and strikes a few months ago be restored immediately.

The students also demanded that the fee structure be revised, new hostels be made, buses be provided, heavy fines be reimbursed and for student facilities to be improved.

They also insisted to remove the Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Ashraf while accusing him of administrative irregularities and embezzlement.

The university had reopened after successful negotiations between students and administration on October 23 however; the clash has occurred again as some student councils are still in disagreement as their heir main focus is the immediate restoration of the expelled students.