Traffic Department Assistant Manager misbehaved with officers after they stopped her at terminal

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) female employee tried to slap an Airport Security Force (ASF) officer at Karachi airport after he stopped her from entering the departure lounge.

Traffic Department Assistant Manager allegedly tortured the officer as he stopped her at the terminal. PIA has reportedly started investigating into the matter.

According to ASF source, the female employee got angry because the officers stopped her from entering the departure lounge. She even tried to slap the officer.

It was revealed that the validity of her working card had expired while her officer was situated at third floor of Jinnah Terminal.

Sources told that those who tried to diffuse the matter were also  attacked  by the women.

The female employee has been handed over to vigilance department for further inquiry. PIA spokesperson told the matter is being investigation while details couldn t be attained yet.