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No Islamic sect to be declared 'kaafir': Ulama Council

Dunya News

All Pakistanis are equal regardless of religion, the council said.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – An inter-sect and interfaith harmony conference was arranged by Pakistan Ulama Council here on Thursday, following which a statement renounce murder and terrorism was issued. The statement also said that no Islamic sect will be declared ‘kaafir’ (infidel/non-believer), Dunya News reported.
The statement also said that the rights of Pakistani citizens are equal regardless of their religion, adding that terrorist acts and killing in the name of religion is contrary to the teachings of Islam.
It also said that no Islamic sect is to be declared infidel or non believer.
The statement said that no Muslim or non-Muslim can be declared ‘waajib-ul-qatl’ (worthy of death) and that the loud speakers would banned except for Azaan (call to prayer) and the sermons in Arabic.
It was also said that printing and distribution of material inciting hatred and violence will be banned.
The council decided that the hate-material will be stopped from disseminating on the internet and social networking websites.
The council appealed to resolve matters by sitting together with leaderships of Hindu and Sikh brethren.
Talking on the occasion, Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed assured his support to the task taken by religious leaders.
He said that martyrs are viewed with respect and honour whereas those who have wronged hide from others.
Addressing the conference, the Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousaf said that Pakistan’s constitution protects the minorities, adding that no one can be forced to change religion. He said that the negotiations with Taliban were initiated for the sake of peace.