Death clouds drought-hit Cholistan, 95pc water wells dry

Dunya News

Reportedly, watchmen and dispensers treat patients amid lack of doctors in basic health centers.

BAHAWALPUR (Dunya News) After deadly drought in Tharparkar, famine-like conditions have also clouded the city of Cholistan as 95 percent ‘tobas’ (water wells) dried up forcing 75 percent of locals to relocate, Dunya News reported.
According to reports, locals and their cattle use same storages to drink water and lack of rain has left the whole desert dry with over hundred of animals dead.
Cholistan population consists of some quarter-to-2lakh people; however, 70% of locals have relocated due to the famine-like conditions and lack of response from the authorities.
Startling facts on the ground reveal that no doctors are available in basic health centers of the desert and that patients are treated by dispensers and watchmen.
Lack of healthcare has also resulted in an increase in pregnancy-related deaths especially during labour. Locals have warned that if authorities didn’t take timely steps, Thar-like human tragedy can also take place in Cholistan.
Spokesman Punjab government stated that a sum of 1 crore rupees have been provided for the repairing of pipelines that supply water to the desert, insisting that live continues normally in Cholistan contrary to situation in Tharparkar.
He said that precautionary measures have been completed and that medical and veterinary camps have been established.
Spokesman also said that government is at alert to deal with any unwanted situation adding that all government institutions have completed planning, claiming that patients are being provided free medical care to treat seasonal diseases.
He further insisted that cattle are being vaccinated through mobile dispensaries.