Punjab Chief Minister justifies province-wide protests against energy crisis.
Talking to media on Saturday after attending various sessions at Minar-e-Pakistan camp office, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif criticised the federal government over its incompetence to tackle prevailing energy crisis.The time had come to get rid of inefficient and corrupt rulers to solve the problems being faced by the country, the chief minister said.He said that Ali Baba and 40 thieves along with corrupt mafia had destroyed the national economy while their poor policies and plunderers had pushed the country into darkness.He said that the energy crisis had led to closure of many industries in Faisalabad and other cities while the people were struggling to make ends meet.While justifying the province-wide protests, Punjab Chief Minister said he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the protestors to address their woes but urged them to hold peaceful rallies.The chief minister said Punjab is facing discrimination over electricity load shedding and protests will continue across the province until a uniform schedule of power outages is enforced throughout the country.