Awam Express from Karachi arrived 16 hours late in Lahore while a passenger died of extreme heat.
According to the schedule, Awam Express had to leave on Tuesday from Karachi and to arrive in Lahore on Wednesday morning but it reached the destination with a 16-hour delay.The passengers had to face problems due to lack of different facilities in the train. They had been facing shortage of water while faulty electric fans added insult to their injuries.In this miserable situation, 60-year-old passenger Yaseen of Shikarpur could not bear the intensity of weather and exhausting travel by train and heaved his last breath near Patoki.According to widow of Yasin, her husband died of heat and lack of facilities in the train. The relatives of Yasin arrived at Lahore Railway Station to receive his dead body.On this occasion, the passengers protested against inefficiency of railway management for not improving trains’ facilities during the extreme hot weather in the country.