Anchor Dr Fiza reveals why did she cry at LoC

Anchor Dr Fiza reveals why did she cry at LoC


She visited the Line of Control (LoC)

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(Web Desk) – Dr Fiza Akbar in an interview said, “It was my love for my country and flag which compelled me to burst into tears to see my soldiers deputed at LoC for our safety.”

Dr Fiza Akbar has broken her silence on a video clip of her crying that went viral.

Dr Fiza Akbar conducted a special programme from Line of Control where she interacted with soldiers stationed on the frontline.

During her visit, she became visibly emotional and footage of her tearful moment went viral on social media.

It drew criticism and trolling from some quarters. She revealed: “I was so saddened by people’s criticism.”

Dr Akbar said: “It was a 12-hour long journey and we were tired we just stayed 2 hours in between and after Fajr we continued.

“When I reached the top I saw there was Pakistan’s flag flying in the air while all the soldiers were there singing patriotic songs so I just thought that because of them we are safe in our homes and can sleep without any tension.

“I tried to control but I can’t and started crying due to emotional attachment with our country and our flag.”

Dr Fiza Akbar acknowledged that her emotions overwhelmed her but she was unaware that the moment had been captured on camera.