Who is the highest paid Lollywood actor?

Who is the highest paid Lollywood actor?


Yes, it is Mehwish Hayat

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ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) - Guess who is the highest paid celebrity in Lollywood? Yes, it is Mehwish Hayat, who takes Rs8 lakh per episode. Then come Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar and Ayeza Khan, respectively in terms of their remuneration.

In the world of Pakistani cinema, numerous actresses have risen to remarkable heights, garnering love from audiences with their extraordinary talent and charming personas.

Just like their counterparts in the Indian film industry, these leading ladies of Lollywood have achieved immense stardom, boasting massive fan followings not only in Pakistan but also across borders, including India and other countries.

Known for their stunning acting prowess, captivating beauty, and graceful personalities, these actresses have carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of millions worldwide.

Mehwish Hayat highest paid actor

Hailing from a prominent business family, Mehwish Hayat has been gracing screens since a young age, captivating audiences with her versatility and dedication to her craft.

From portraying a dancer in her debut film to embodying diverse characters, Mehwish is known for pushing boundaries and embracing challenging roles.

With acclaimed works like “Punjab Nahi Jaungi,” “Dillagi,” “Miss Marvel,” and “London Nahi Jaunga” under her belt, Mehwish reportedly commands a staggering fee of Rs 8 lakh per episode, solidifying her status as the top-paid actress in the industry.

Mehwish is followed by Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar and Ayeza Khan who reportedly charge Rs 3 to 6.5 lakh per episode.